Hot Like Fire and Other Poems


There is magic in Valerie Bloom’s poetry. It’s in the way she describes what she sees so we visualise colours and form concrete impressions. Then there’s her ear for speech patterns. Not only do we hear conversations and calls, but we imagine speakers. What’s more, there is such joy in her settings. This means that we can imagine the heat of a summer, the rush for a Kisko pop, or even the appearance of a sandwich during a school lunchtime.

Then there’s the repetition, the word play and dextrous phrasing of her poetry. There’s such curiosity in the structure of her works that draws us in so that we repeat, question and then recall. Valerie Bloom’s works are the stuff of legend, enjoyed by children across generations.

Hot Like Fire and Other Poems is a bind up of two of Valerie Bloom’s books. Bookwagon is proud to recommend this superb collection.


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Hot Like Fire and Other Poems

Valerie Bloom, illustrated by Debbie Lush


Poetry subjects include maths homework problems and global pollution, bumblebees and sandwiches for school. Hot Like Fire and Other Poems is a bind up of two works from award winning poet, Valerie Bloom.
It seems readers are treated to the word play and phrasing games upon which this poet thrives. Then again, she has such awareness of the ordinary world from which she takes and shows real joy. It feels as though her interest and curiosity are undimmed. We can feel this in her poetry’s rhythms and repetitions, the word patterning and her superior awareness of sound. It means that we ‘listen’ as we read alongside being aware of the words and the pictures that are created. These might be of Kisko pops or even ghosts, the warmth of summer and the sounds of play. Then again, we’ve the patterns of speech to linger through too. These pepper the poetry with colour and vivacity.
Valerie Bloom won the CLiPPA award for Stars With Flaming Tails. What’s more, her performances are the stuff of legend! Bookwagon is proud to recommend Hot Like Fire and Other Poems to readers.



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