Hotel Flamingo Carnival Caper


Ms Fragranti and her flamingoes are fully prepared for a ‘Hotel Flamingo Carnival Caper’. They’re the crew to call whenever entertainment is needed! Anna has her hands full with entertainers, currently, as the biggest band in the world, ‘The Nocturnal Animals’ is  resident. Lemmy is beside himself with excitement, yet the band’s manager, the inappropriately named, Mr Sweet, forbids him, or any member of staff to even look directly at the band members! Furthermore, they’re sworn to secrecy about the band’s presence. That’s rather difficult when they choose to rehearse at night time, awakening all the other guests.

There’s more noise in the hotel than usual as Stella the Giraffe has alerted Anna to a ballroom and reception entrance hidden deep within the hotel. Although Stella has a bulging list of tasks underway, she’s aware of how much opening out this extra space will be welcomed by Anna and the ‘Hotel Flamingo’.

Anna’s feeling anxious about the carnival. Although it’s an honour to lead the parade, as she and the team have been invited, she’s aware that Mr Ruffian and the ‘Hotel Glitz‘ will be desperate to steal the ‘Hotel Flamingo‘s thunder. What could they have in mind? Should they heed warnings of a storm heading inland?

Bookwagon loves the ‘Hotel Flamingo‘ series by Alex Milway, also creator of the series that includes Pigsticks and Harold and the Incredible Journey. Again, the storytelling is engaging and convincing, the mood positive and uplifting and the characters warm and appealing. All in all, it’s a  ‘Carnival Caper’!


Hotel Flamingo Carnival Caper

Alex Milway


Mrs Toadly suggests Anna’s float should lead the parade in ‘Hotel Flamingo Carnival Caper‘. After all, the hotel has ‘made such a big impression on everyone’. Anna has so much to do. The hotel is full and preparing a carnival float means more work, particularly for Stella the giraffe. What sort of ideas can the team summon up? The ‘Hotel Flamingo‘ will have to show itself to be dazzling, flamboyant, bold and brilliant! Then there’s news that ‘The Nocturnal Animals‘, the ‘biggest band in the world’ are en route to the hotel. However, Mr Sweet, the band’s manager leaves a sour impression on the hotel staff and management and seems to undermine the band. Nothing that Anna, T. Bear, Lemmy and the gang do seems right with him. The fact the band are ‘nocturnal animals’ does not work well with the other hotel guests’ sleeping arrangements either!
Bookwagon is delighted to welcome the return of Anna and the Hotel Flamingo team! We last caught up with them in Hotel Flamingo Holiday Heatwave. There, as in this title, the weather threatens to play havoc with the hotel’s plans. There’s always the threat of Mr Ruffian and the Hotel Glitz. Furthermore guests like skunks and wet dogs pose specific problems! Yet Anna is inclusive, imaginative and practical. There’s always an answer and a welcome at her ‘Hotel Flamingo‘.


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