Hotel Flamingo Holiday Heatwave


Welcome back Anna, T. Bear, Lemmy, Madame Le Pig, Stella Giraffe and company! ‘Hotel Flamingo Holiday Heatwave‘ is the welcome return to Anna’s hotel that offers superb accommodation to creatures of every stature, nature or persuasion. However, the creatures seeking to visit during the hottest spell imaginable could cause some problem! Ms Chinstrap, royal envoy, prepares the team for a week’s visit by the King and Queen of Penguins. Their requirements are extraordinary, from ice blue walls to a king size rock and private swimming pool! Can it be arranged? Anna is determined.

However, news about Hotel Flamingo has spread. Other creatures are keen to visit, experience the welcome and enjoy Madame Le Pig’s  top class cuisine. There’s Ronnie the rat, a chameleon, families of meerkats and warthogs, for starters!

News has spread to the hotel’s arch rival, Mr Ruffian, of The Glitz, too. Anna’s hotel is stealing his custom. He will not be best pleased!

‘Hotel Flamingo Holiday Heatwave’ is positive, warm and so beautifully imagined and created. It’s a jump for joy moment to realise that this sequel is as good as the first title Hotel Flamingo. I am delighted to welcome ‘Hotel Flamingo Holiday Heatwave’ aboard Bookwagon.


Hotel Flamingo Holiday Heatwave

Alex Milway


It’s scorchingly hot from Savannah Beach to Bush Baby Bay. Therefore, an enquiry about a red carpet stay by the King and Queen of Penguin is double- edged! Can Anna and the team fulfil the list of requirements presented by Ms Chinstrap? Anna insists they can, yet it’s a tall order? However, for example, can they possibly find an iceberg large enough to keep the royal party cool? Furthermore there are other guests to consider, not least the warthogs. It’s all go for Anna and her team in ‘Hotel Flamingo Holiday Heatwave’ the welcome sequel to the beloved Hotel Flamingo.


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