Hotel Flamingo


Can Anna and T.Bear and Lemmy return ‘Hotel Flamingo’ to its former glory as the sunniest hotel in town? They refuse no guest, whatever their size or form. First there’s the piano and the swimming pool to sort out. What about a chef? Who can spread the message about the revived ‘Hotel Flamingo‘? What about a dance troupe of…. flamingoes?

‘Hotel Flamingo’ is truly great storytelling for newer readers. This tale is engrossing and engaging. The spirit is upbeat, the characters warm and charming. (I’m not sure I’d like to work with Madame La Pig, however!)

We recommend ‘Hotel Flamingo‘ highly to new readers, those who enjoy a confident, accomplished series.


Hotel Flamingo

Alex Milway


Anna has inherited Hotel Flamingo from her great-aunt Mathilde. The hotel on the seafront is in great disrepair. Who  would stay at a hotel with tables and no chairs? This used to be the sunniest hotel in town! Can Anna and T. Bear and Lemmy turn the hotel around? While Anna is overwhelmed by the challenge ahead, she is determined. Furthermore, she recalls that this establishment was once renowned for welcoming any guest animal. It did not seem to have the same strict rules as rival hotel, The Glitz. Therefore, is this something upon which Anna might build a guest list? Thereafter, could she invite hotel inspectors to realise her ambition? It’s a tough call, but Anna and her team are made of stern stuff! Let’s step inside and begin the adventure with Hotel Flamingo! 


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