Hour of the Bees


‘Hour of the Bees‘ is a brilliantly assured debut novel that weaves magic and realism.  Carol, has been dragged reluctantly to stay with her unknown Grandad, on his derelict ranch in the desert.   Bees seem to follow her around, and the drought of her new setting is unbearable. At first Carol is tempted to dismiss her Grandad’s stories as the ramblings of an old man falling into dementia. Then, he chooses her as the subject for his stories – tales of a magical healing tree, a lake, and the grandmother she never knew.  Carol sees glimmers of something special in what her parents dismiss as her Grandad’s madness.

As she rethinks her roots and what she thought she knew about her family, Carol understands that Serge’s past is quickly catching up with her present. She realises the power of his story-telling and as events unravel, the bond between them grows stronger.

‘Hour of the Bees‘ is one of the best stories Mr Bookwagon has read for our indie children’s bookshop. He recommends it hugely.


Hour of the Bees

Lindsay Eagar


‘Hour of the Bees‘ is a truly exceptional and beautifully written debut novel! Carol moves  to her Grandad’s run-down ranch in preparation for his move into a care home.  The searing heat of the desert is unbearable. Carol struggles with the effects of her grandfather’s dementia and disconnected storytelling.
Hour of the Bees‘ is an absolutely stunning, deeply moving coming of age story. It really packs an emotional punch.  Bookwagon recommends it without hesitation.


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