How Can You Lose an Elephant?


Oscar loses everything from his football boots to scooter and flippers! What’s more he has no idea how or where he loses anything, either! Therefore, when he meets Hugo, a lonely elephant, at the park, Oscar invites him home.

It seems that Hugo’s arrival at Oscar’s home is heaven sent! Not only is he friendly and polite, but can recite poetry and paint beautiful pictures. Furthermore, Hugo is able to keep long lists that help Oscar remember things, from where he left his scooter to complicated dance steps! Yet best of all, Oscar and Hugo become best friends… until it all goes wrong! How can a simple game of Snap! change Oscar’s life so drastically! Why on earth does he lose his temper and banish Hugo so rashly? Is there any chance of recovery?

Jan Fearnley’s picture books enchant and entertain. Her warm, detail and character rich pictures are delightful. What’s more there is such humanity in her stories, as in this one. How Can You Lose an Elephant? is a gentle, enchanting picture book of friendship and understanding.

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How Can You Lose an Elephant?

Jan Fearnley

(Simon & Schuster)

How Can You Lose an Elephant? It seems that Oscar is capable of losing anything! He’s lost football boots, flippers and his scooter. What’s more he’s no idea where anything he’s lost might be! Therefore, when he discovers a ‘very special‘ elephant at ‘the ‘park, next to the swings‘ who is quite alone, Oscar brings hime home.
It seems that Hugo is ‘helpful and kind, and- clever’. Whats’ more he paints and recites poetry and joins the family as a beloved member. Thereafter, he helps Oscar remember, for everyone knows that ‘elephants have excellent memories‘. It seems that Oscar’s remembering might extend to ‘complicated dance steps’ and ‘naming all the planets‘ too!
Yet what if one little card game might spoil this happiness? Surely Oscar wouldn’t explode and send Hugo away? Wouldn’t he risk losing the most important thing of all…. ‘his best friend‘?
Jan Fearnley is one of Bookwagon’s most beloved picture book makers. We have delighted in her works, such as Mr Wolf’s Pancakes and Edgar and the Sausage Inspector. Therefore, we delight in welcoming Oscar and Hugo aboard, hoping that they can resolve their problem very soon. It seems that everyone needs a best friend, so we have to ask, How Can You Lose an Elephant?


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