How Does A Lighthouse Work?


How Does A Lighthouse Work?’ I wasn’t sure I needed to know. However now that I’ve read this book, I am determined to visit a lighthouse to realise what I have learned!

What happened before lighthouses? How does the light within a lighthouse beam so far? How far does it shine? Why do lighthouses have to be tall?

With matte pages and a limited colour palette, Roman Belyaev explains in a really relevant, approachable way. Each double page opens with a new question which he answers methodically and widely. I love the broad, international range of answers. I appreciate how the writer compares lighthouses through the ages, too.

‘How Does A Lighthouse Work?’ is a necessary, interesting, and beautifully constructed information book.

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How Does A Lighthouse Work?

Roman Belyaev

(B Small Publishing)- hardback

‘How Does A Lighthouse Work?’ What is inside the tower? Why are lighthouses so tall? What makes the lighthouse lights shine so far? What happened before lighthouses? Who invented them?
‘How Does A Lighthouse Work?’ is full of fascinating facts! I learned that lighthouses are patterned individually. This helps ships identify them. It helps sailors if lighthouses offer different signals, fro flashes to sounds too.
How Does A Lighthouse Work?’ is a truly impressive, beautifully constructed and researched information book.


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