How Does A Lighthouse Work?


How Does A Lighthouse Work?’ I wasn’t sure I needed to know. However now that I’ve read this book, I am determined to visit a lighthouse to realise what I have learned!

What happened before lighthouses? How does the light within a lighthouse beam so far? How far does it shine? Why do lighthouses have to be tall?

With matte pages and a limited colour palette, Roman Belyaev explains in a really relevant, approachable way. Each double page opens with a new question which he answers methodically and widely. I love the broad, international range of answers. I appreciate how the writer compares lighthouses through the ages, too.

‘How Does A Lighthouse Work?’ is a necessary, interesting, and beautifully constructed information book.

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How Does A Lighthouse Work?

Roman Belyaev

(B Small Publishing)- hardback

How Does A Lighthouse Work? What is inside the tower? Why are lighthouses so tall? What makes the lighthouse lights shine so far? What happened before lighthouses? Who invented them?
These, and many other questions are sneered in this excellent non-fiction book.  It is full of fascinating facts! I learned that lighthouses are patterned individually. This helps ships identify them. It helps sailors if lighthouses offer different signals, from flashes to sounds as well.  The author and illustrator Roman Belyaev perfectly marries words and pictures, making the reading experience superb.
This book is a truly impressive, beautifully constructed and researched information book. Please also check out the author’s companion book How Do Bridges Work?
Learn more about lighthouses and light vessels at the Trinity House web site.  The Trinity House organisation maintains over 60 lighthouses around England, Wales, the Channel Islands and Gibraltar. These highly visual aids to navigation range from isolated offshore towers exposed to the open sea – such as Eddystone, Bishop Rock or Longstone lighthouses. Also included are shore-based stations in some of the nation’s most beautiful locations, such as Lizard, Bardsey, Nash Point and Peninnis lighthouses.


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