How Does My Home Work?


How Does My Home Work?‘ To be honest, I don’t really know. The lessons I learned many years ago in a classroom, seem peculiarly disconnected from the reality of my everyday life. Yet when the  radiator doesn’t heat, or the lamp won’t switch on, I am nonplussed.

This wonderful book explains in clear terms, with flow charts, cartoons, anecdotes and sequences, how the every day works. From turning on a light switch, to flushing a toilet, turning on a tap to heating our home, ‘How Does My Home Work?‘ follows the full journey of the things we use every day. It offers an additional environmental understanding.

This is a splendid book. I felt ignorant when I started reading, but was left fascinated and informed when I had completed reading ‘How Does My Home Work?‘ We recommend this title for classrooms and families, for readers of all ages.

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How Does My Home Work?

Chris Butterworth, illustrated by Lucia Gaggiotti

(Walker Books)

‘How Does My Home Work?‘ From the light switch to the tap to the gas heating, every day things in our home are explained here. Picture, anecdotes and clearly annotated information offer a direct, accessible path of information for the reader. ‘How Does My Home Work?’ works brilliantly for all readers.


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