How Many Dinosaurs is Too Many?


Wouldn’t one dinosaur be perfect? A buddy to have fun with? Then again, wouldn’t there be more fun with two? However, what about three, four or five dinosaurs? Wouldn’t you have such adventures from skating to skiing to train travel?

However, what about more? Six, seven or eight, maybe nine? The play might be more difficult at this stage. Imagine playing football, for example. Then again, how might all the dinosaurs get on along together? Furthermore, what about bedtime? How would you fit into your home? Then…. bath time?

Bookwagon loves and welcomes How Many Dinosaurs Is Too Many? We love the rhyme, imagination, breadth of possibilities and then the humour. What a superb picture book from Lou Peacock and Nicola Slater that we suggest is ideal for reading aloud, predicting, reciting and then knowing well.

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How Many Dinosaurs is Too Many?

Lou Peacock and Nicola Slater

(Nosy Crow)

How Many Dinosaurs is Too Many? Eight, nine, ten? What about the one you begin with, or might that not ‘be enough’? Then again, what’s it like with two? Would it be perfect fun? Perhaps you’d stop there, or might you find that with three, then four, you’d enjoy wonderful adventures from skiing to train journeys? Thereafter, what about six, seven, or eight? Wouldn’t it be happy?
Lou Peacock and Nicola Slater have delighted readers through such a rich range of picture books, including Charlie Chooses and Marvellous Margot. We love the sense of journeying, making choices, changes and then the broad brush strokes of colour and character.
Thereafter, we watch carefully as the dinosaur number increases. We see the variety, the joy and changing feelings. Then again, we might predict as to what happens. For example, bath time? Or even, bedtime? Wouldn’t it be difficult to house a huge dinosaur collection? Then again, how would they get along together? Might there be rivalry? Concerns about affection?
Bookwagon suggests that How Many Dinosaurs is Too Many? is a wonderful rhyming read aloud, with so many opportunities to join in, predict, observe and share. We are delighted to welcome this splendid, funny picture book aboard!


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