How Many Mice Make an Elephant?


How Many Mice Make an Elephant? How many sandpits in the Sahara desert? Might we need to consider how many grains of sand there are in a standard size sandpit? Thereafter, we would compare that to the size of the Sahara. Alongside this is information about the Sahara Desert’s location and physical geography. Then there’s information about the ‘ergs’ (Saharan sand dunes) and their sizes compared to other sand dunes. We learn about other deserts, alongside how we can answer the problem we posed originally.

There are fourteen challenging questions within this brilliant information book. These include questions about dinosaurs, different animals, space, landmarks, geographical and manmade features and our planet. The answers are considered carefully so as to make them accessible. We see how to arrive at a solution, alongside learning more information about our subject. We are completely engaged!

Bookwagon recommends How Many Mice Make an Elephant? to readers of all ages. Not only does this brilliant book offer an opportunity to read, learn and share, but it tickles our curiosity further!

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How Many Mice Make an Elephant?

and Other Big Questions About Size and Distance

Tracey Turner & Aaron Cushley


How Many Mice Make an Elephant? You’ll need some size comparisons to help you work this out. For starters, you’ll have to think about how much space a mouse would take in a house, as compared to an African elephant. Then again, you’d have to think of their comparative weight and lengths. Alongside this you’d have to consider their individual features, and then their comparative numbers in the world. On this piece of information alone, the writer and illustrator include lots of additional information such as the specific skills of an elephant against a mouse’s. For example, did you know that ‘24 house mice could line up along an African elephant’s trunk’? 
There are fourteen different questions about size and distance answered in this wonderful book. These include information about football pitches it would take to cover our planet, or how many goldfish would fit inside a blue whale! Dinosaur comparisons, rather like those featured in The Big Countdown are included, alongside facts about our planet and space.
How Many Mice Make an Elephant? is a fascinating information book into which you could lose yourself. Furthermore, it offers a great deal of scope for extending the comparisons and questions!


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