How Many Trees?


‘How many trees make a forest?’ The question is posed and then answered in the woods by Bear, Deer, Mouse, Fox and Rabbit. Yet there’s one constant voice offering the definitive answer. That small voice may be right, too.

With bold overlapping collage, printed images, and clear wonder, Barroux has created a questioning tour-de-force in ‘How Many Trees?’

This is a book to wonder at, to share, discuss and read again. Bookwagon celebrates the fact that this is an open-ended picture book, that concludes with another question.

How Many Trees?’ is a wonderful title to be enjoyed by readers of all ages.


How Many Trees?



How Many Trees? does it take to make a forest? Bear, Deer, Fox, Rabbit and Mouse each offer their solution. Yet, there’s one, very small voice, that may have the answer.


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