How The World Works


Clive Gifford’s How The World Works is a superb treasury of information about the world.  We are surrounded by amazing things in the natural world and live in an age defined by advances in science and technology.  This super books helps us to understand the world, nature and many human achievements and innovations.  We learn how the pyramids were built, how space stations are constructed and how bridges work for example.

Bookwagon considers this title an exceptional guide to the world and an essential addition to home and school libraries.

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How The World Works

Know It All, From How the Sun Shines to How the Pyramids Were Built

Clive Gifford


How the World Works is an essential title that provides all the answers to the most vital question of all: how does the world work? It seems Clive Gifford is an ideal writer to answer this question! After all, this writer offered us the award winning The Colours of History.  What’s more, in this title, his text is complemented by vibrant design and illustrations, which explain how events occur and then the reasons, too.
This title covers a wide range of subjects, from space, nature, wildlife, dinosaurs, volcanoes to technology. Thereafter, in detail, it explains how the sun shines, for example, or how mountains were created or volcanoes erupt.  Moreover, we learn how the pyramids were built and how bridges work.  Further, find out how species become endangered, how optical illusions fool the human brain and discover how we can all be more energy efficient. There are sections on earth and space, prehistoric life, science and technology, history and nature.
How the World Works will keep children captivated and is an essential addition to home and school libraries.
Bookwagon is happy to stock several of Clive Gifford’s exceptional non-fiction titles, including Guardians of the Planet.  Furthermore, Clive Gifford’s own web site is a fabulous resource and well worth a visit.


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