How to Be a Footballer


How to Be a Footballer and Other Sports Jobs is a detailed examination of the game. We contemplate the origin of this international sport, to the way it is played throughout the world. We see the tournaments that are played, but also realise the Saturday leagues and non-professional angle of the game.

Hall of Fame footballer Rachel Yankey examines football in painstaking detail. Therefore, she answers why people play football and thereafter the way it is a more inclusive game, too. We learn the rules, the roles and then the kinds of training, the preparation too. We see what professional footballers might do when they’re not playing.

Yet this title goes further again. It examines the professions around football, from the football agent, to the coach or even the physiotherapist. We read about the football press officer and sports lawyer too.

Bookwagon is delighted to read and share How to Be a Footballer and Other Sports Jobs. It is thoroughly informative, resourceful and interesting. Rachel Yankey and Sol Linero have created a book that is likely to be loved by its readers.

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How to Be a Footballer and Other Sports Jobs

Rachel Yankey & Sol Linero

(Nosy Crow)

Rachel Yankey was once the most capped footballer in England:- Rachel Yankey- National Football Museum. In How to Be a Footballer and Other Sports Jobs, she teams up with illustrator Sol Linero of How to Be an Astronaut to reveal the game we love.
We work through a timeline of football’s development from tsu chu, the game played by the ancient Chinese. In this, ‘the players had to kick a ball through a hole in a cloth tied between two posts’. Thereafter, we learn that Sheffield F.C. was the first football club in the world.
Alongside information as to the rules of the game and the structure of play, we learn about the roles of each player. Thereafter, we learn about the jobs of those associated with football, from the team doctor and physiotherapist, to sideline referees.
There is information about major tournaments too, from the World Cup to the Confederations Cup, alongside international tournaments all around the world. Readers realise the development of the women’s game so that since 1996, it has been a recognised Olympic sport. Furthermore we read about the expectations upon professional players from media presentations, to good eating regimes.
How to Be a Footballer and Other Sports Jobs is a comprehensive and thoroughly fascinating tour through the game, from Saturday matches to the professional leagues. Bookwagon is delighted to welcome this title aboard.


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