How To Be A Lion


Gentle? Making up poems? Not chomping a duck? It looks like Leonard’s goose has been cooked! How can he be himself, when others are so certain that they know better ‘How To Be A Lion‘?

Leonard and Marianne (the duck) determine that being yourself is more important than following any predetermined ‘rules’. In his own way, Leonard is showing, ‘How To Be A Lion‘.

Through strong colour splashes and bold black outlined images, Ed Vere creates Leonard’s world determinedly. ‘How To Be A Lion’ is a stirring and empathetic title that we are proud to present to readers of all ages.


How To Be A Lion

Ed Vere


Rich, direct coloured backgrounds highlight the broad, black outlined figures of Lion and Duck. The two negotiate ‘How To Be A Lion‘. Lions chomp ducks, don’t they? They don’t write poetry, do they?


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