How to Be On the Moon


It seems like Crocodile has most of the answers about ‘How to Be On the Moon’. You need to be good at maths, able to count backwards. Anna can do that. As for being patient… ‘Watch me. Am I patient yet?’/ ‘No,’ said Crocodile./ ‘And now?’- ‘No’/ ‘And now?’- ‘No’…..

Crocodile tells Anna that they will have to travel at almost ‘impossible speed‘ to get to the moon. Anna’s prepared; Crocodile makes the sandwiches, while Anna makes the speed. She builds a rocket. What a rocket! Multi coloured, multi textured and ready for speed.

They blast into a black oblivion. Sandwiches, travel games like ‘Crocodiles in Space‘ and sleep support Anna’s need to be patient.

It’s a twisty turning passage as they prepare to land. What do Crocodile and Anna discover on the moon? Amongst the dark emptiness they realise each other’s presence anew. Looking down they see ‘the Earth is shining’./ ‘It’s almost impossibly beautiful.’

Within the positivity, purpose and wit of this wonderful picture book, is a poignant message. Viviane Schwarz’s pictures are freewheeling, exuberant and symbolically coloured. Bookwagon adores this book, as we do others by this esteemed picture book maker. We are so proud to launch ‘How to Be On the Moon‘ to our readers. This is a glorious picture book.


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How to Be On the Moon

Viviane Schwarz

(Walker Books)

Crocodile offers Anna lots of good advice about  How to Be On the Moon. It seem that you have to be able to count backwards. ‘Five, four, three, two, one’… ‘Zoom‘. Then again, you should be patient. Is Anna patient, yet? Now? Maybe now? What do you think? It seems like Crocodile has enough patience for the two of them!
The pair will need travel games and sandwiches for their journey. Furthermore, it’s important to eat your sandwiches before putting on your space helmet. What a lot of advice! However, it’s very important. Then again, we know that Anna’s prepared the ‘impossible speed’ that is necessary for this adventure. It seems all of this fis so necessary! After all, we’re prepared after reading How to Be an AstronautWhat’s more, we know that Viviane Schwarz is a curious and inspiring creator!
How long with the journey last? What will Anna and Crocodile discover? Viviane Schwarz is a most unique, empathetic, inspiring picture book maker. Bookwagon is delighted to welcome the return of Anna and Crocodile from How to Find Gold. ‘How to Be On the Moon‘ is an exceptional picture book.


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