How to Have a Birthday


There’s ‘birthday cake’ on your birthday. It might be that you should ‘practise blowing. Because all year you’re growing toward another candle’. What’s more, you get to make a wish on your birthday. It’s a tradition.

You might have other traditions, things that you do on your special day. Otherwise you might start a tradition.

There might be surprises, alongside songs, including those you might sing to yourself. After all this is your special day, the one where you get to practise what it’s like to be a  whole year older!

You might have one present, or maybe lots, all wrapped in fancy paper. Then again, you might have a ‘crown’. 

After all, this day is your birthday, when you remember how special you are, and you are celebrated. How to Have a Birthday is a reminder of all of this, with a thoughtful, inclusive and positive text, and glorious pictures too.

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How to Have a Birthday

Mary Lyn Ray, illustrated by Cindy Derby

(Walker Books)– hardback

You know the day is special for starters. You might awaken ‘early, wondering what will happen’. After ll, ‘you know something will‘. Thereafter you might hear ‘whispered plans‘ or even receive ‘a crown’ at breakfast time. After all it’s your special day. What’s more, this is How to Have a Birthday. This is a  celebration ‘that you are here‘ and to announce ‘that you matter’.
You might be sung to, or sing a ‘little song- to yourself’. After all is the day that you can start trying out ‘being one year older‘. Then again, you might receive a present or even lots ‘wrapped in special paper’. Yet the best thing of all is ‘knowing the whole day is yours’. 
Mary Lyn Ray reminds us about how special we are and that this day of celebration is an achievement, a recognition of us. Therefore you might have photographs, or ‘do something the same‘ that is ‘a Tradition‘. What’s more, you might ‘do something new’ that becomes ‘a tradition’. 
Bookwagon loves the thoughtful, inclusive text that offers so many ideas and reminders about the possibilities and meaning of this celebration. What’s more, the wistful, imaginative, nurturing illustrations from Cindy Derby are glorious.
Although this is a celebration shared by most people, there are few books that focus upon it, other than something such as When’s My Birthday? Therefore, Bookwagon delights in welcoming the luscious How to Have a Birthday, aboard.


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