How To Launch a Tech Start-Up


How To Launch a Tech Start-Up is an indispensable guide to the world of jobs in robotics, gaming and other tech.  Tech is all around; much of the time we don’t realise it’s there.  In explaining the importance of tech, we are challenged to imagine how we would arrange a holiday for example, or do simple jobs around the house, without the support of tech.

Readers are then introduced to the many different fields of discipline in the world of tech, such as computing, gaming, medicine, robotics and artificial intelligence.  The author shows how important it is to identify gaps in the market – innovations that help people in their everyday lives, in both work and leisure.  Along the way, we get an introduction to the importance of marketing, research and problem solving.  There is a wealth of information here for budding tech entrepreneurs, and if it all seems a little ‘for the birds’, there are several case studies throughout the book of children who have themselves made important contributions by developing their own ideas.

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How To Launch a Tech Start-Up

Robotics, Gaming and Other Tech Jobs

Michelle You, illustrated by Sol Linero

(Nosy Crow)

How to Launch a Tech Start-Up is the sixth title of a really fulfilling series that includes How to Be a Footballer and How to Be an Astronaut. ‘Tech’ is all around us and indispensable to our lives.  Specialists exist all over the world and include a variety of specialisms.
Yet how do you ‘start a tech business’? Thereafter, what do you need to learn? Further, how do you spot an essential need or want, or a gap in a crowded market? This brilliant book explains many of the areas of ‘tech’, including in the fields of gaming, medicine, computing, robotics and retail.  Moreover, the key is to identify where an idea to make lives easier can be turned into a new product or app.
This series employs experts in each field to explain their particular field of tech development. Games design, artificial intelligence, biomechanics and data analytics are just some of the disciplines described.  Furthermore, we also learn about how to overcome problems that arise and the importance of marketing and research.  Of particular usefulness are the many examples presented where children have themselves developed tech solutions.  For example, 7-year old Brinda Jain, from India, discovered that ambulances weren’t reaching patients quickly enough in her home town.  She created an app called Ambulance Wizz that helps to find alternative routes for ambulance drivers.  It seems that in doing so, she has saved countless lives.
This excellent series continues to inspire and inform and is thoroughly recommended.


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