How to Save the World With a Chicken and an Egg


How to Save the World With a Chicken and an Egg; that’s the problem for Ivy. It seems as though her knowledge of something huge destined to arrive in Southwold is met with derision. After all, she’s the girl who reads picture book to Dolores the chicken outside the library. Then again, she tells pet owners the needs of their animals because she says that she can communicate with them. It seems she can even talk to wasps (who are all called John, incidentally!)

How might Ivy protect whatever is about to arrive, while it’s likely to create such a ‘rumpus’ as to separate her from Daddy Jeremy and Aisling?

Meanwhile, Nathaniel wishes to be separated from his mother, whom he’s forced to visit after the loss of his beloved grandmother. She doesn’t understand his ways, it seems, while her house is disorderly and her bread not sourdough. Then again, there is a secret that caused his grandmother to say she could never forgive her…. something about Mexico?

How might Ivy and Nathaniel connect? Is it possible that whatever happened in Mexico is relevant to Ivy’s fears and knowledge? Then again, is it possible that in each other Ivy and Nathaniel might find a friend to help them with their causes?

Emma Shevah has done it again. One of Bookwagon’s favourite middle grade writers has created an outstanding, meaningful, heart warming and truly funny story in How to Save the World With a Chicken and an Egg. We love it and recommend it to the pier and back 490 times…

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How to Save the World With a Chicken and an Egg

Emma Shevah

(Chicken House)

Ivy and Nathaniel are determined to find out How to Save the World With a Chicken and an Egg.  It seems that Nathaniel is counting down the days until he can leave his mother in Southwold. Her world is disorderly and he discovers that she stole something from Mexico. Meanwhile, Ivy is working to have people believe that she can communicate with animals. However this results in a rumpus of the kind that Daddy Jeremy and Aisling prefer to avoid,
However, Ivy feels something huge about to arrive in Southwold that needs her help. While she warns neighbours and passersby, and sets up a station near the pier, her protests meet ridicule and anger. Nathaniel’s late grandmother instilled in him a devotion to and knowledge of the natural world that is encyclopaedic. This, and his rubber stress ball, help him cope as he counts down until he moves on to the orderly home of Uncle Charles and Aunt Nancy. He longs for the ‘cosy bed’ in his Grandma’s house, but that is gone. Now, he is forced to live with his mother, returned from India.
The heat is wasp hot, the ground heaving with warning. As Ivy reads picture books to Dolores the chicken outside the library, she agonises about how she might protect whatever is coming ashore. How does this have anything to do with Nathaniel and his mother? How can Ivy avoid a rumpus while saving as many creatures as she can?
Emma Shevah of What Lexie DidDara Palmer’s Major Drama and Dream On Amber returns with a fresh, exhilarating middle grade novel. How to Save the World With a Chicken and an Egg is an outstanding story.


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