How to Spaghettify Your Dog


How to Spaghettify Your Dog is an excellent introduction to physics and the secret forces of the universe.  This might sound like the plot for a science fiction thriller novel, but is in fact a fun and accessible guide to the building blocks of life and everything in our world.  If you have often wondered what a black hole is and what it does, then this super book is for you.  Written by author and former physics teacher Hiba Noor Khan and superbly illustrated by Harry Woodgate, this is a great read, especially if your reader has been daunted by what can sometimes be difficult concepts to understand.

Throughout the book, there are activity suggestions – experiments that can be tried at home to help to simplify the themes that are explored.

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How to Spaghettify Your Dog

…and other Science Secrets of the Universe

Hiba Noor Khan and Harry Woodgate


How to Spaghettify Your Dog is an entertaining and accessible guide to the secrets of the universe.  Many of us take the universe for granted; often, if we think about it all, we are interested in the ongoing exploration of it.  How often do we consider the physics of it?  What is it comprised of? What are the forces that control it?  Furthermore, what are its secrets?
This book by former physics teacher and author Hiba Noor Khan, is filled to burst with fascinating facts about physics.  Lavishly illustrated by Harry Woodgate, the book will guide you through from atoms, the tiny building blocks of everything, to the giant stars of the universe.  There are billions of them out there.  Moreover, there are so many arresting and vital questions that are posed and answered.  For instance, can we slow down time and why do black holes consume everything near them?  What’s more, is time travel possible and how is sound transmitted?
For budding scientists, or simply for children fascinated by the universe and the life it gives us, this is an essential book.  Furthermore, there is a strong activity event throughout the book.   Many simple experiments are suggested that can be tried at home to aid the understanding of what can sometimes be difficult concepts to understand.
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