How to Survive Anywhere


How to Survive Anywhere is perfect for children who love learning about the most extreme parts of our world. This super book  will take them from the Arctic Circle to the depths of the world’s forests to the bottom of the oceans.  We also journey far into the driest deserts and up to the highest peaks.

Each section is packed full of information with illustrations, lists, fact files, captions and diagrams. Tips and How To’s make the information really accessible. Readers can dip in and find a few facts or invest some time in becoming an expert on one of the most extreme parts of the world.

This book would be fantastic for research projects about habitats or Extreme Earth locations. It also covers in some detail the indigenous and ‘first nation’ peoples that inhabit the regions covered, in an engaging and accessible manner.  Ben Lerwill is an excellent writer of non-fiction titles, particularly geography and history and this is one of his best books.

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How to Survive Anywhere

Staying Alive in the World’s Most Extreme Places

Ben Lerwill, illustrated by Daniel Long

(Nosy Crow)

How to Survive Anywhere is an indispensable guide to survival tactics in some of the most extreme and inhospitable environments on the planet.  We range from the dense rainforests to deep oceans and from scorching deserts to freezing Antarctica.
Ben Lerwill’s concise and entertaining text alongside Daniel Long’s vibrant illustrations offer information in easily digestible chunks.  The book is easy to navigate and perfect for dipping in and out of.  It helps that certain features are common to every location, such as a fact file and things to remember.  Of course, there is much location specific information as well.  The section on the Arctic Circle contains instructions for building an igloo whilst in the Australian outback there is information about bugs and grubs to eat!  There are also short biographies about significant individuals who have been associated with the locations.  Encouragingly, there is also much information about the indigenous or First Peoples of the region. In every location information on ways to help that place is included, offering practical steps each individual can take to make a difference.
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