How To Write Poems


Inspirational poet Joseph Coelho shakes the dust and sparkles magic in ‘How To Write Poems‘. Through demonstration and example, he creates poems, offers ideas and suggests devices, while making observations. From leaves to mud, puns to sibilance, there are rich opportunities to inspire would-be poets and poetry teachers.

I have a title from the 90’s that has been my constant poetic teaching inspiration, It is shelved for Joseph Coelho has opened my eyes to a whole new world. ‘How to Write Poems‘ is ideal for young writers at home, writing clubs, writing lessons, teachers and poetry fans. This is a Bookwagon essential title for home and school.

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How To Write Poems

Joseph Coelho, illustrated by Matt Robertson

(Bloomsbury Publishing)

It seems that How To Write Poems is an essential guidebook for every writer and would be writer. Thereafter, award-winning poet Joseph Coelho breaks poetry writing cues into methods and offers examples. This means that means the work in practice. What’s more, when we practise, we realise the power we’re gifted.
It seems this poet is keen to enable his readers, so that we hear the words, consider how they might play together to create a poem. Then again, we feel satisfaction at what we’ve formed, knowingly. It is as though we are working toward realising a life, a movement, a construction as in Joseph Coelho’s mighty Overheard in a Tower Block, for example. We like the shape and form of this book because it is bright and illustrative. It feels ‘can do’.
Thereafter, the poet makes the activity accessible and active. Therefore, we’re invited to hunt for similes outdoors, or make mud poems! What’s more, we’re introduced to and engage with the poet’s MOREAPS too, making these devices live (metaphor, onomatopoeia, etc., ) It means that Bookwagon considers How to Write Poems essential for home and school. Thereafter we recommend this title highly.


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