How Winston Delivered Christmas


‘How Winston Delivered Christmas’ (An Advent Story in Twenty-Four-and-a-Half Chapters) is an adventure story/ activity book. Alex T. Smith has created an annual that celebrates the season. Winston’s story is intercepted by recipes, patterns, carols, information and activities. The activities are far-ranging and delightful. There is a whiff of tradition, yet also prompts to indulge more personally in Christmas preparations.

Winston’s story is a triumph. Oliver’s misplaced letter knocks Winston into the snow. Winston is charged by the importance of being the accidental bearer of a letter to Father Christmas. Yet he is a very little mouse, without resources. He lives in a big, wintry city. How can Winston reach the North Pole? Winston is hungry and lives in the shadows. We are captivated to learn ‘How Winston Delivered Christmas’.

Alex T. Smith’s determination to deliver a ‘forever’ Christmas book, one to be brought out and read annually, is obvious. This triumphant creation is a book to be loved, shared, recalled and passed on. Through introducing the activities, it becomes an even richer resource. The starlit, wide-eyed illustrations inspire a greater sense of the wonder of the season, and the magic of Winston’s special calling.


How Winston Delivered Christmas

An Advent Story in Twenty-Four-and-a-Half Chapters

Alex T. Smith

(Pan Macmillan)

An errant brown enveloped knocks Winston into the snow. Oliver’s letter to Father Christmas has missed the post box. Winston is charged with determination to deliver the letter. The season, the city, and the fact he is a very little mouse will not deter him!.Take a journey and learn ‘How Winston Delivered Christmas‘.


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