Hug Me, Please!


Daddy Bear and Little Bear begin their day with some sweet honey in ‘Hug Me, Please!’. Then it’s time to brighten the day of unsuspecting forest friends. ‘Hugging always makes you feel good,‘ states Daddy Bear. Mr Beaver agrees. Mrs Weasel is a little tentative, but enjoys her calming hug. The hares are concerned that Daddy Bear and Little Bear might get a taste for carrots. How will Big Bad Wolf react?

‘Hug Me, Please!‘ is a whimsical, satisfying and original picture book. With its repeated refrain and sequence of discoveries, it offers structure and security, rather like hugs. This is a perfect bedtime story book to bond upon. Bookwagon is so happy to have discovered such a talented picture book making duo.


Hug Me, Please!

Przemsław Wechterowicz, illustrated by Emilia Dziubak

(Words & Pictures)

‘Hug Me, Please!’ has readers meet Daddy and Little Bear as they stroll in the forest. After tummy warming honey, they chat, and look out for forest neighbours. They are intent on brightening their days. This beautiful picture book is like sinking into a bath set to just the right temperature. Its lush pictures are as loving as its message.


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