The tiny ruby-throated Hummingbird fills itself with nectar before undertaking a journey of more than 3,000 kilometres to lay its eggs in the North American summer. How does this miniature bird navigate its course? Who sights it along the way?

A young girl in Mexico is about to farewell her grandmother and journey north to New York. Her grandmother wonders aloud, if she’ll encounter any hummingbirds there. Meanwhile, a lone sailor, watches a tiny hummingbird nest in his rigging; he is travelling a wearying course also.

Alongside the stories, are facts, shared by acclaimed zoologist and writer Nicola Davies. Her knowledge, enthusiasm and reverence for her subject are glorified through the spectacular pictures of Jane Ray. Hummingbird is a work of wonder.

Bookwagon is proud to share and recommend this beautiful, ‘forever’ picture book.

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Nicola Davies, illustrated by Jane Ray

(Walker Books)

The ruby-throated Hummingbirdweighs about the same as a penny‘. However its journey from Mexico to a North American summer is phenomenal. In this sumptuous picture book, zoologist and writer Nicola Davies describes this tiny creature. Thereafter, Jane Ray’s pictures elevate this story into something magical.
Within the picture book are maps of wonder and beauty, and sparkling backdrops. In addition the story of the little birds is told to a girl by her grandmother, as they watch and feed flocks. Like these creatures, the child is heading north. ‘Maybe they’ll visit you in New York City’, suggests her grandmother. Somehow, as we watch the twirling majesty of the surroundings, and the flash of furious vegetation, we cannot imagine anything so golden and wonderful alighting in a towering city! As the girl sleeps, we see a lone sailor, joined by a tiny ruby-throat beginning her journey. A note on the page offers that she, like others of her species, ‘will lose half [her]body weight’ when flying north. Therefore, the birds feast on nectar before setting off, riding ‘the green wave, zig-zagging from one pool of buzz and blossom to the next’. 
Will they arrive? What do they experience en route? Spectators and admirers join the path of the hummingbirds’ journey. What will the birds do when they arrive at their destination, thereafter? What is their plan?
Bookwagon adores this perfect book. While Hummingbird is a wonderful natural history resource, it is also a compelling story respecting and sharing the rhythm of life in all its unspoiled certainty.


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