Hungry Bunny


Can you help ‘Hungry Bunny’? Bunny’s hungry but can’t quite reach the red, delicious apples on the tree. Shake! Grab! Watch out for Bunny’s scarf! Can you blow the leaves away that have covered Bunny? You’re asked to use the red scarf stuck in the book to help lever Bunny to reach it from the tree!

We love Bunny Slopes. Now Claudia Rueda has returned with ‘Hungry Bunny‘, a really appealing, participatory story to delight young readers. Bookwagon exalts in this writer’s creativity and engagement with newer readers. ‘Hungry Bunny’ is truly fulfilling!


Hungry Bunny

Claudie Rueda

(Chronicle Books)- hardback

‘Hungry Bunny’s tummy is rumbling- grr grr! Can you hear it? Let’s help ‘Hungry Bunny‘ reach some apples from the tree. We’ll need to shake and blow. Watch out! Claudia Rueda’s ‘Hungry Bunny‘ returns in a new participatory reading book to delight and engage!


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