Huxley and Flapjack: Trouble at Sea


Huxley’s hot and irritated. There’s no ice cream and a sunhat isn’t easingf his overheated restlessness. What about a day at the beach? As ever, loyal Flapjack goes along with his friend’s plans, though he’d rather finish reading his book. Then again, it’s  Flapjack who carries all the kit, sets its up, and warns Huxley about the shark at sea.

However, is it a shark, or might it be a shark finned submarine? Therein, could this be the longed for adventure? After all it seems Captain ‘Wizz’ is seeking a shipwreck laden with… treasure! While Huxley imagines gold and diamonds, Flapjack clutches anxiously at his rubber ring. Then again, what might happen should he and Huxley be released into the ocean? Surely not a real… shark?

Bookwagon loves the imagination, colour and adventures of this series. We’re so happy to welcome aboard Huxley and Flapjack: Trouble at Sea

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Huxley and Flapjack: Trouble at Sea

Alan MacDonald and Francesca Gambatesa

(Little Tiger Press)

Huxley and Flapjack: Trouble at Sea opens on a sizzling- hot day. Although Flapjack’s keeping cool by reading in the bath, it seems Huxley’s run out of ideas. Could it be that while searching for a hat, he’s inspired? What about a day at the beach?
We first met the friends in Race to the Rescue. It’s there we first realised Flapjack’s loyalty to Huxley’s most impulsive ideas. It seems that it’s no different here! After all, would you race into the water toward an approaching… shark’s fin? Then again, would you ask to steer the submarine into which you’re invited when you’ve never steered one before? It seems that Huxley’s fears are never evident! Then again, when he’s Flapjack’s quick-thinking to back up his recklessness, he’s well protected. However, what about treasure? Then again, what about hide-and-seek playing crabs?
Alan MacDonald and Francesca Gambatesa present a wild adventure, just the sort of summer event in which any reader would  delight with Huxley and Flapjack: Trouble at Sea. We suggest this is a great choice for readers growing in confidence, fluency and connection. Then again, it’s just a really great read!


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