I Am a Tiger


‘I Am a Tiger’. I do not have to have stripes. Not all tigers have stripes. Nor do all tigers climb trees. Not all tigers are big. ‘I Am a Tiger’. 

Is Mouse a tiger? Can the arrival of a roaring tiger defy his declaration?

Karl Newson and Ross Collins have created an exceptional picture book. Direct statements that contradict convention are confusing and delightful. There is nothing predictable in the story development. Ross Collins’ bold pictures match Mouse’s self-belief.

What a delight! ‘I Am a Tiger’. (I am Beyoncé).

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I Am a Tiger

Karl Newson and Ross Collins

(Pan Macmillan) 

‘I Am a Tiger’– so states the main character a… mouse! Is he a tiger? He says tigers can be small, some do not have stripes and he could climb to the moon! This mouse/ tiger can do anything! He is a tiger! Isn’t he? If he’s not a tiger, what is he? What are his friends?
‘I Am a Tiger’ is an exceptional picture book. This is about being who you want to be, defying convention and labels. Go! Be a tiger! Or maybe, be a…


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