I Am Bat


‘I Am Bat’. I do not like mornings, but I do like cherries. We must make sure that we do not eat Bat’s cherries. Bat warns us repeatedly. What happens when somebody takes his cherries? Who could it be?

Bold, faux scary images in stark colours, alongside direct, sparse text deliver a strong message. ‘I Am Bat‘ is riveting. We read the story beyond the words, taking greater meaning from the pictures. This is intelligent, original picture book making. Bookwagon delights in the picture books of Morag Hood. Read ‘I Am Bat’ and you will feel the same way!

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I Am Bat

Morag Hood

(Two Hoots)

‘I Am Bat’. I do not like mornings and cherries. Do not take those cherries. Bat states his name and his purpose defiantly. This is a bold, brilliant, batty picture book from an incomparable picture book maker.

UKLA 3-6 award winner 2019


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