I am Dog!


I am Dog! with fox poo to roll in, other dogs to sniff and next- door’s cat to woof away loudly. What’s more there’s begging to be done, walks to take and ducks to splash after. It seems there are always treats to sniff out, even if they’re nothing to do with me….

What might happen if Dog follows his nose to a table of delicious scents, to scratch upon it, slide and scarper, twist and overturn, crash and tumble to a complete disaster? Could it be that his Boss sends him to his basket in disgrace? Or might Dog be happy to turn about three times before falling asleep before the fire? After all, this dog’s life is a full and adventurous one!

The rhyming fun of Peter Bently’s charming text details this Dog’s exuberance. Thereafter, Chris Chatterton, who introduced us to his Gus, offers a far more vigorous, enthusiastic character in this dog. We love the wild mayhem of his life, through his shakey-shakey in the park, to the race through the street, past the queue outside the butcher’s! We need to linger over these pictures and then realise the fullness of Dog’s day. What a charming, funny and thoroughly enjoyable picture book!

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I am Dog!

Peter Bently and Chris Chatterton

(Pan Macmillan)

I am Dog!Dog is me’. It seems it’s a lie of walks, trees, ‘beggy-beggy trick/’s and ‘fetchy-fetchy stick’/s. What’s more there’s chasing and splashing and racing! Then there’s the joy of ‘feeling wind in face’ or rolling ‘in foxy pong‘! It seems that a good day involves digging and then woofing at  the ‘next-door cat‘ too. This is a life of adventure!
We’ve met Chris Chatterton’s This is Gus, who is a less exuberant character than this canine. What’s more, Peter Bently is known to us, through the rhyming joy of Octopus Shocktopus!. Thereafter, in this collaboration, we’re delighted by the raucous, rhyming activity, alongside, such animated, impulsive illustrations. It feels as though we’re part of Dog’s discoveries!
Therefore, how will it be when his detection of a ‘tasty-tasty doggy treat‘ results in ‘can’t stop. Paws won’t grip! Slippy- slide. Slidey- slip!‘ of crashes, tables, licks and burps? Might it be that Boss is cross? Thereafter, could it be that he’s sent to his basket with a ‘Round and round. One. Two Three. Full turn. Warm fire‘ to ‘Sleep like log‘? It seems for certain that I am Dog! lives a full and vigorous and happy life!


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