I Am Happy


What does it feel like to be happy? Pup’s happy. He is so happy that he could ‘dance in a fountain‘. Then again, he feels like he could ‘laugh out loud, climb a cloud’. What’s more, his joy is so huge that he could ‘zoom in cars all the way to the stars‘. It seems he’s unstoppable.

Michael Rosen and Robert Starling collaborated upon I Am Angry and I Am Hungry, here, they return with another rhyming, descriptive picture book. Not only is the text uproarious, expressive and almost tangible, but the pictures are exhilarating and refreshing. What’s more, keen readers might recognise the narrators from the earlier books. It sees they’re keen to join in the ‘wheeling and whirling’ and ‘twisting and twirling‘ bliss!

Bookwagon suggests I Am Happy is a wonderful choice to read together, to know and quote, to share and gift. What’s more, its rhyme and wonderful language make this choice an ideal picture book for sharing with small groups, too.

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I Am Happy

Michael Rosen, illustrated by Robert Starling

(Walker Books)

The puppy declares I Am Happy. Thereafter we share this happiness in leaps and bounds and cloud springs. It seems this happiness makes him feel ‘head in the sky, like a butterfly’. Then again, there’s a desire to ‘skip through puddles, chase after bubbles, dance the waltz, do somersaults, laugh out loud…’. This is sheer exuberance, utter joy!
Michael Rosen and Robert Starling have delighted us with previous collaborations wherein we’ve enjoyed I Am Hungry and I Am Angry. It’s a delight for readers who know and love those books to recognise familiar characters who’ve expressed these feelings. However, pup? Well he’s feeling as though he might ‘climb on a cloud‘!
Once again, the rhyming narrative is a delight, while the pictures are witty, bright and expressive. It seems that we can feel this joy, that it’s almost so infectious that we might catch it too? Thereafter, might it be that we jump in cars and journey to the stars?
 Altogether Bookwagon suggests that this beautiful picture book makes us so happy that we could ‘dance in a fountain’. We’ll certainly ‘put on a show‘ as we recommend it for reading aloud, quoting from, loving and knowing and gifting, too.


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