I Am NOT An Elephant


I Am NOT An Elephant. I am not a ‘Sm-elephant’ either!  ‘I am round and tasty like a melon’, and can ‘beep like a sheep‘ and ‘quack like a yak‘! Isn’t it ‘what’s on the inside that counts‘, or you might be a brush, a gherkin or a moose or an umbrella?

Although I have ‘flappy ears and a pointy nose’, I Am NOT An Elephant.

Mouse/ Tiger is back after I Am a Tiger. His mission to ensure that he’s recognised correctly continues. However, the other animals are certain that he’s an elephant? Isn’t he? What happens when he encounters an elephant, or even a strawberry? What might these incidents ignite?

This is ingenious picture book making from two picture book makers at the top of their game. We love I Am NOT An Elephant and recommend it and other books by either, or both,  Karl Newson and Ross Collins, highly.


I Am NOT An Elephant

Karl Newson and Ross Collins

(Pan Macmillan)

I Am NOT An Elephant. Although I may have an elephant’s flappy ears and pointy nose, ‘I GROWL like an owl….. I MEOW like a cow… ‘ Furthermore, I’m not a ‘Sm- elephant‘ but maybe a melon, for ‘I’m small, round and tasty‘. Or perhaps a moose, a brush or even…. what am I? Is it enough that ‘I am AMAZING’?
The adventure continues from I Am a Tiger. Who am I? I am certainly not a mouse, maybe a moose? Could I be an umbrella? The possibilities are endless!
Karl Newson and Ross Collins are a dynamic combination. These two picture book makers create outstanding books of humour, wonder and imagination, such as A Bear is a Bear (except when he’s not) and What Does an Anteater Eat? Therefore, we are overjoyed to welcome I Am NOT An Elephant aboard Bookwagon!


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