I Am So Clever


The Wolf interrupts Little Red Riding Hood on her journey to her grandmother. He warns her of the dangers of the forest ahead, suggesting she takes her time to enjoy the flowers and birdsong upon her journey. Thereafter, he scurries to the grandmother’s cottage. It seems that Wolf considers, I Am So Clever. Furthermore, he plans ‘Grandmother for first course, and a little berry for dessert.’

Yet, could it be that Wolf is rather too clever. While he can don grandmother’s night attire quickly, he’s interrupted by others in the forest after the cottage door slams upon him. Wolf is spotted by an errant hunter and thereafter three bears and the three little pigs. What can he do to ensure that his cunning plan proceeds?

Mario Ramos was one of Belgium’s most notable children’s writers. Bookwagon is delighted to welcome I Am So Clever aboard. This is a laugh-out-loud, witty and inventive interpretation of a familiar story, with outstanding dialogue and vocabulary and very satisfying twists and turns. Furthermore, the pictures fit the story perfectly! Welcome little berry!

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I Am So Clever

Mario Ramos

Translated by Linda Burgess

(Gecko Press)

I Am So Clever thinks the Wolf as he greets Little Red Riding Hood and forewarns her of the ‘ferocious creatures‘ in the forest. Thereafter, he enquires about the business of ‘the little raspberry.‘ It seems that he is very supportive of the little girl, suggesting that she takes some time to ‘listen to the birdsong‘ en route to her grandmother. What could he have in mind? Might it be something to do with ‘a feast’? Thereafter, what might he do when he spies Grandma’s nightgown lying upon her bed? He wouldn’t put it on and plan to impersonate her, would he? It seems this wolfish creature is nothing like A Hero Called Wolf!
Mario Ramos takes a familiar tale and makes it his own. While we may be fearful for Little Red Riding Hood and Grandmother it seems that this wolf is too clever for his own good! Although he might remember to ‘wipe his paws in front of the house’, the fact he had to ‘ease‘ Grandmother’s nightgown over his shoulders suggests trouble. Then there’s the slam of the door…
I Am So Clever is hilariously inventive. Bookwagon loves the language, creativity and twists and turns. Furthermore, there is such appeal in the illustrations which are almost cartoon like- just look at Peter Pig and his two brothers! Can you imagine another ‘traditional tale’ where the handsome prince is Marquis Jean Charles Hubert Hector of Montrésor? Or one where there’s an intrusion of other familiar characters? Bookwagon recommends this picture book to readers of all ages. It is one to enjoy, share and treasure!


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