I Am The Wolf… And Here I Come!


Wolf is preparing. He puts on his underpants, his socks, his T-shirt and trousers. We watch, predict, join in the repeated, ‘I am putting on…..’ text, adding the item, using the picture clues. All the time we anticipate what Wolf, with his big teeth and eyes may be planning to do!

I Am The Wolf‘, portrait shaped, with bold black outlines around strongly coloured pictures, is a magnificent creation. The sequence, picture clues,repetition, anticipation and suspense offer an ideal early reading opportunity. Shared reading choices should start here! ‘I Am The Wolf… And Here I Come!‘ is sure to be at the top of the pile when it’s book choosing time! We recommend this title to our youngest readers.

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I Am The Wolf… And Here I Come!

Bénédicte Guettier

(Gecko Press)- board book

‘I Am The Wolf… And Here I Come!’ invites readers to join Wolf as he prepares to….. From putting on his socks to his ‘great big boots’ Wolf is getting ready to…. So exciting! ‘I Am The Wolf… And Here I Come’ is an ideal book to read to very young children, amping up the drama and suspense.


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