I Am Wolf


Rieka’s presence on the rope astounds Coll. Why is she trying to leave Wolf? Isn’t she a Tock? Someone with a vital role aboard the construct? Meanwhile he, despite being Alpha’s son, must fight for any respect. His disabilities mark him out as weak, different, untrustworthy, when he’s utterly devoted to Wolf. I Am Wolf.

Therefore, to find himself left behind after a prolonged attack from Raven and then Dragon, Coll feels lost, betrayed, injured but mainly determined to find his way back. However, to do this, he must rely on the company and skills of others, including somebody who should be his enemy.

Can it be done? Then again, what might Coll discover about belonging, tribe, family and loyalty?

Alastair Chisholm has created a stunning, strong, inclusive and philosophical, dystopian novel. Bookwagon loves I Am Wolf. We recommend it highly to our readers.

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I Am Wolf

Alastair Chisholm

(Nosy Crow)

With every fibre, Coll knows I Am Wolf. Hasn’t every day been focused upon winning the trust of Alpha and the crew?  Despite the fact she’s his mother and he tries his hardest, Coll’s physical problems are seen as an obstacle.
However when their construct comes under repeated attack from Raven and, then, Dragon, something horrible happens. Suddenly, Coll’s left behind, having to find a way back to the only home he’s ever known. What’s more, he’s Fillan, a shadow boy in his wake and the Tock, Rieka. Thereafter there’s another, from a different construct.. Surely Wolf’s the only way, the winner, the leader, always? Isn’t it? Therefore, Coll determines that the crew must find it that he can rejoin his home.
Alastair Chisholm has delighted us with the reach and contemplations of his middle grade and older readers’ titles. Just think of Adam-2, for example! Within I Am Wolf, again, the writer has us consider our approach to the environment and technology. Thereafter, Rieka sighs, ‘Unbelievable, incredible technology. But we use it to make big animals and then fight other big animals. We’ve got zappers and computer servers and bows and arrows. How did we get like this? Why do we fight all the time?’
What a stunning book. Bookwagon is proud to recommend, share and welcome this title.


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