I can fly


‘I can fly’, Little Penguin thinks. After all, what are his little wings for? Gull may scoff and Dad might remind him that Penguins swim, but Little Penguin is determined. Thereafter, he flaps and flips and exhausts himself in his efforts.

Will Little Penguin give up? Or might something occur that is even more wonderful than the birds Little Penguin sees flying overhead?

Take a step into the icy blue with I can fly. This is an endearing, empathetic, rich, warm picture book. We are committed to Little Penguin’s success, and drawn into Fifi Kuo’s beautifully imagined Antarctic environment.


I can fly

Fifi Kuo

(Boxer Books)

Gull tells Little Penguin, ‘Penguins CAN’T FLY’. Yet why do penguins have wings? Little Penguin thinks, ‘I can fly‘. Little Penguin flaps and flaps and flaps some more, waddles fast, leaps and… Dad watches and reminds Little Penguin that ‘Penguins can swim‘. Could flipping and flapping work? Little Penguin is determined! However, so much effort makes Little Penguin exhausted so that he tumbles and…
What will Little Penguin discover? Can penguins fly?
Fifi Kuo of The Perfect Sofa returns with this endearing, beautifully paced picture book. We love the way she shows her settings and imparts such personality into her characters. Her crayon pictures are dense, moving and empathetic. I can fly is an enriching picture book of warmth, wonder and discovery.


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