I Can Only Draw Worms


‘I Can Only Draw Worms’ might suggest a problem for the picture book maker. Yet, worms can be made individually. Different colours, grouping together, adding spectacles, the slip of a knife- oops! Let’s see what can be done  despite the limitations when ‘I Can Only Draw Worms’. Count out the different worm creations.

It is so exciting to discover a picture book that is so truly inventive! This story is unique, off-centre, funny and daring in its announcement. What can you draw? Maybe you could say, ‘I Can Only Draw Worms‘.


I Can Only Draw Worms

Will Mabbitt


‘I Can Only Draw Worms’ . They might be made a little different with colours, or even glasses.  Oops, possibly an accident with a knife. Welcome to the bizarrely funny world of ‘I Can Only Draw Worms’.


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