I, Cosmo


Max is crying, and Max never cries. There are harsh words in the family, where once laughter and dancing lived. Cosmo knows it is up to him to mend the family. Yet he is an ageing Golden Retriever, with stiff hips and a nose that leads to trouble. All that aside, ‘I, Cosmo’ will prove he is up to the responsibility.

His drive to mend things, make Max happy beyond licks, listening and dogged loyalty, is remarkable. Cosmo watches every move, listens to every sound, follows Mum and Dad, Emmaline and his beloved Max and is there at each marker on the family height tally. Cosmo tolerates Grandma and Grandad’s hostile visits, stands up to the evil sheepdog, wards off goose poop ponds and eats family food dutifully (even when he’s full). However, Uncle Reggie’s proposition to Max and Cosmo may be the paw print to push all paw prints. Can a love of ‘Grease’ and Cosmo’s identification with Sandy inspire him to move beyond his ageing limbs?

I was bereft when I’d finished ‘I, Cosmo’. This is one of the best children’s novels amongst Bookwagon’s wagonload of wonderful children’s books. Cosmo makes more than his family happy; he inspires and delights this reader, and hopefully  many, many more.



Carlie Sorosiak

(Nosy Crow)

‘I, Cosmo’ is the verified account of a Golden Retriever’s efforts to save his family. After all, three days after Max arrived, Cosmo was charged with the responsibility:- ‘You’re a big brother now, Cosmo. You up to the job?‘ Cosmo took the job on his sturdy golden shoulders and has been there for Max, and Emmaline, ever since.
First of all, there were the dancing days of Mum and Dad, followed by the days of Max’s toddling, followed by running, chasing, the absence of the school bus, movie nights, pizza until… Cosmo is trying to make sense of what is happening around him. He knows Max is unhappy. Furthermore Max realises that Mum and Dad are cross with each other. Bacon doesn’t seem to help, and bacon helps most things, Cosmo finds.
What will Cosmo do? Can a Golden Retriever save his family, really? Carlie Sorosiak’s debut novel is heart wrenching, warm, funny, real and glorious.
Bookwagon adores ‘I.Cosmo’ and recommends it highly.


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