I Did See A Mammoth!


In I Did See A Mammoth!, you are welcome to join a child, part of an Antarctic research team as they search for and study penguins.  But the child is convinced they are going to see a mammoth.  And that is what happens, when the child spots a skateboarding mammoth.  The adults think it is all part of the child’s active imagination – after all, mammoths are extinct…aren’t they?

Once again the mammoth is spotted by the child.  This time it is wearing a pink tutu and then again underwater, in full scuba gear.  The adults insist that mammoths died out thousands of years ago and anyway, did not live in the Antarctic.  The child completely loses it, a shouting tantrum ensues, as does an avalanche and a huge surprise for the explorers.

I Did See A Mammoth! is bright, very funny and full of detail in the superb illustrations.  It’s a real treat for the winter months.

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I Did See A Mammoth!

Alex Willmore


I Did See A Mammoth! is a perfectly funny picture book, just right for the winter months.
A research team are exploring the Antarctic. The two adults are looking for penguins, but the child, who tells the story and is dressed a little like Santa Claus, insists he is going to see a mammoth.  Despite being told that mammoths have been extinct for thousands of years, he is undaunted.
Setting out alone, he indeed comes upon a skateboarding mammoth! Once again the adults say mammoths are extinct and anyway, were never found in the Antarctic. More determined than ever to prove it was a mammoth, the child sets out again and sees in turn the mammoth skateboarding wearing a frilly pink tutu doing ballet and then once again, the mammoth sporting a scuba mask submerged underwater.
Still no one believes the child and a shouting tantrum ensues. This results in the ice cracking, an avalanche and a surprise revelation for some of the party. There is a final twist that is huge fun and the hilarity ratchets up another notch.  The book concludes with brief information about both mammoths and penguins. The illustrations, also by Alex Willmore, are superbly expressive, especially the penguins – every one of which is slightly different and a visual treat.
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