I Do It Like This!


‘I Do It Like This!’ How do you have a cuddle? The same as an orangutan? How do speak? Like a lion? Can you eat like a chameleon and shoot your tongue out to catch your food?

We compare our behaviour to that of a range of animals. How does a snake eat, or a bird? Look at the crabs moving! Look at the chimpanzees. How do we move? ‘I Do It Like This!’ 

Bright pictures alongside almost anecdotal commentary text offers fascination and interest. ‘I Do It Like This!’ is a superb choice for any young reader.


I Do It Like This!

Susie Brooks, Sally Johnson-Isaacs

(Red Shed)

How do you eat? How do you move? Look at the way an elephant washes! Watch a peacock boogie! Let’s watch the animals and think, ‘I Do It Like This!’ This fascinating book offers comparisons to explore and enjoy.


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