I Don’t Like Books. Never. Ever. The End.


Although Mabel gets books for birthdays and just because, she declares, I Don’t Like Books. Never. Ever. The End. Thereafter, she uses the books for steps, as a doorstop and as sledges. She finds ways to make hats from the pages, to jiggle and slurp upon them. Yet, what happens when the books have had enough? Could it be that they’re about to show Mabel the wonder about which she is missing? Might it be that if she stepped inside her books she could solve crimes? Maybe she could go to the moon? What about join a quest to a castle or a duel with a dragon? However, Mabel has refused her books, so what’s to be done?

The pictures in this story are so immediate, bright and appealing, while the language and style are deliberate, bold and really imaginative. I Don’t Like Books. Never. Ever. The End. is unique, entrancing and so satisfying! Bookwagon is delighted to share this story with our readers.

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I Don’t Like Books. Never. Ever. The End.

Emma Perry & Sharon Davey

(David Fickling Books)

Mabel declares  I Don’t Like Books. Never. Ever. The End. However, it’s not like Mabel doesn’t have books. It seems like the books just keep ‘on coming’. For she’s ‘given books on birthdays’, ‘books as treats’ and ‘even given books… just because’. While Mabel elects to use her books as steps and doorstops and sledges, to slurp dinner from, jiggle or make hats, it seems the books ‘are ready for action’.  Therefore, they create ‘a racket, a commotion, a hullabaloo‘  so that Mabel discovers herself falling headlong into a story. Thereafter, what might she discover? Could it be something that she’s good at like ‘solving crimes’? Then it seems as though there’s a mission to the moon, followed by a quest to seek castles and duel with dragons! What on earth will Mabel do? Could it be that books have something to offer her after all?
What wonderful language within an ingenious story! We’re entranced and fall headlong with Mabel! Thereafter, we long for her to turn the blank page to discover everything that might be held within books…
Emma Perry is such creative picture book maker, as we know from This Book Has Alpacas and Bears. Sharon Davey imagines Mabel’s experience so wonderfully that we travel along with her through her declaration to her book worlds. Bookwagon recommends I Don’t Like Books. Never. Ever. The End. highly. What a brilliant, satisfying and delightful picture book!


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