I Don’t Like Poetry


I Don’t Like Poetry yet it’s a rather hollow statement after considering the range of funny, witty, thought-provoking and rich funny poems in this selection. Topics vary from fried chicken to books, while there is a rich range of forms, sounds, patterns and shapes too.

Bookwagon suggests I Don’t Like Poetry should be shared aloud, that readers might hear the poems, provoke the possibilities and thereafter realise the form and rhythms. Furthermore, there is such a risk that you might want to recite and perform poems from I Don’t Like Poetry.

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I Don’t Like Poetry

Joshua Seigal


I Don’t Like Poetry offers a wonderful selection of enticing rhymes, riddles and verses. The selection is warm, funny, rich and varied, and brightens our thinking, extends vocabulary and delights.
Furthermore, there are topics from fried chicken to why books are important in our lives. What’s more the variety of poetry offers opportunity for children to hear the play of words, delight in the images and thereafter work toward learning, knowing and performing this most undervalued of poetry forms. Like I Bet I Can Make You Laugh, I Don’t Like Poetry is accessible, direct, visual and very appealing.


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