I Like Trains


I Like Trains from reading about them, playing the driver, or putting my toys aboard and working the line. However, the best thing of all is taking my very own train journey.

From the station we take our tickets to the platform ahead of choosing our seats by the window. Were heading to meet somebody special. If we’re lucky we might have time to play in the park and thereafter she might play trains with me!

Daisy Hirst demonstrates the main character’s enthusiasm for trains perfectly in I Like Trains. The white framed pages and direct pictures that illustrate the text exactly, serve to emphasise devotion and pleasure. I Like Trains is a perfect picture book choice for very young readers seeking a book to treasure, that they might read and share again, and again.


I Like Trains

Daisy Hirst

(Walker Books)– hardback

I Like Trains from playing with them, when all my animals are aboard and going on a journey. Thereafter, I like driving ‘a train of my own’ or reading about trains.  However, the best thing of all is taking a train journey ourselves. We need tickets and the right platform ahead of choosing ‘some seats by a window.’
What do we see on our journey? Furthermore where are we headed? Might it be somewhere with someone we know and love at the end of the platform? Might that person play trains with me anew?
Daisy Hirst extends her superb Hamish Takes the Train to a new audience of rail enthusiasts. This direct, empathetic and positive picture book is a perfect choice for very young readers. The pictures are bold and informative; they support the story perfectly. Furthermore, the white framing suggests such movement and direction. It means that readers feel part of the reader’s delight in his enthusiasm, whether it be playing with trains at home, reading about them, or taking a special journey. What a tour-de-force! Daisy Hirst creates picture books that readers long to read over again.
 Bookwagon is delighted to welcome I Like Trains (all) aboard.


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