I Love You Already!


Bear’s after a lazy morning and a pleasant day alone. Duck’s after ‘quality time’ with Bear, looking at the clouds, sharing life stories. What he’s really after, is to know that Bear feels about him, the way that Duck feels about Bear, ‘I Love You Already!’

What will it take for Bear to admit his feelings to Duck? Duck is exhausting, demanding and so annoying. Isn’t he?

‘I Love You Already‘ is a ‘forever’ picture book. It’s to be treasured, read and shared and loved. This title, and others in the series are amongst Bookwagon favourites.

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I Love You Already!

Jory John & Benji Davies

(Harper Collins)

Duck wants to hang out with his best friend, Bear, but Bear is in need of peace and alone time. Will Duck respect him? Will Bear realise that all Duck needs to know from Bear is, ‘I Love You Already!’


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