I Love You, Blue


I Love You, Blue declares Jonas, the lighthouse keeper. It seems he’s named the enormous whale who comes to his rescue when the sea rages after the ocean blues he loves so much. Thereafter, Jonas determines to return to the ‘prettiest of whales’.

However, when he journeys out on the new day to meet his new friend, he discovers that Blue is unwell. In fact, he finds that Blue is full of rubbish…. Is it possible that Jonas might rescue Blue by ‘taking all these plastic bags away’? After all, ‘jellyfish are a much better breakfast’. What’s more, will Blue improve? Is it possible that he and Jonas might enjoy the water together, healthily?

Although Barroux has a pared- down narrative and glorious, outrageously fresh pictures, his message is stark. Bookwagon loves and recommends I Love You, Blue highly for its pitch perfect story, approachable manner and clear impact. I Love You, Blue is a wonderful picture book.

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I Love You, Blue


(Otter- Barry)- hardback

‘The smell of the wind, the calm….’ it seems Jonas, the lighthouse keeper has ‘always loved’ the ocean. However, what happens when the blues he love change to become a roaring, raging sea, and ‘the sky turns black‘? Furthermore, might Jonas’s cries of ‘Mayday, mayday‘ elicit any help?
What if there’s an enormous whale who rushes to save the sailor? It seems as though Blue’s saved his life! Then again, Jonas hopes he will meet up with his rescuer again. He declares, ‘Thank you- you are so beautiful‘. Furthermore, in his lighthouse that night, he sings to ‘the prettiest of whales’. What’s more, he journeys out the following day seeking Blue’s company, only to find that ‘something has happened’…
Barroux offers an immediacy in his storytelling so that readers know how Jonas feels, his rescue and then the confusion he feels about Blue’s fate. It seems that when he opens Blue’s mouth, he is in for a shocking discovery.
As with Jelly- Boy, I Love You, Blue considers our interrelationship with the oceans, and the human impact on life on earth. However it’s seemingly simple text and broad, glorious pictures and direct emotions impact effectively.
Bookwagon loves and recommends I Love, You Blue to readers of all ages. While this book is ideal for reading aloud and sharing and knowing, it is also a book to be gifted and treasured.



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