I Really Want that Unicorn


‘I Really Want That Unicorn‘. Mellow yellow coloured with a glow-in-the dark horn, the unicorn poses resplendently in the toyshop window. The only way to own the unicorn is to enter Miss Twinkletoes’ competition.

Chloe is proud of her rainbow cake baking. Veronica can manage great hula-hooping. Surely they’re the front runners for the prize? Let’s read and see!

The story sequence, humour and pulsing desire for the prize have us enraptured. Fabi Santiago, writer of Bookwagon favourite Tiger in a Tutu has another front-running favourite in ‘I Really Want That Unicorn’. We can’t possibly tell you the winner!


I Really Want that Unicorn

Fabi Santiago


 ‘I Really Want That Unicorn’! To own the mellow, yellow unicorn in the toyshop, you must win Miss Twinkletoes’ competition. Unicycling, cake baking, hula hooping… what will it take to take home the prize?


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