I Really Want the Cake


‘I Really Want the Cake” with it’s icing such a treat, all chocolatey and sweet, a smell I can’t ignore, wafting from the kitchen door…. ‘

We watch as temptation grows for the cake lingerer and her canine sidekick. Will they stay strong and obey Mum’s note- ‘You Must Not Eat the Cake’- or will they succumb?

With urgent, rhyming text, and Invincibles- action packed pictures, ‘I Really Want the Cake‘ builds upon the longing and dilemma until… ‘I Really Want the Cake’

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I Really Want the Cake

Simon Philip and Lucia Gaggiotti

(Templar Books)

‘I Really Want the Cake’, there’s a smell I can’t ignore, it’s sitting  on the table there, the decoration’s just so neat… ‘I Really Want the Cake’


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