I Really Want to Be a Cat


Imagine being a cat. Being able to curl up tight and then stretch out in length. Imagine being able to pounce stealthily, and thereafter to balance upon high walls. What’s more, just think of being able to ‘see in the dark TA-DAH!’

It seems that when ‘you’re a cat, you can come and go as you please- no questions asked‘. It means that ‘Cats are adventurous. Cats are independent‘. What’s more nobody asks them about ‘table manners’.

The text seems to be a thoughtful monologue of observations from the cat loving owner. Within flat, tropical colours, the grey cat stalks, with her owner admiring at every point. I love the way the double pages contrast cat and owner. Then again the peach tones and big white cat eyes draw us in so that we’re curious about the cat’s interpretation of the owners’ observations. Finally, Bookwagon loves the conclusion of this picture book. While everyone will surely love this beautifully nuanced, poised and tongue-in-cheek story, I Really Want to Be a Cat will strike a chord with every cat owner and cat aficionado.

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I Really Want to Be a Cat

Helen Hancocks

(Walker Books)

Cats seem to ‘have all the time in the world to do whatever’ they want. Even if it’s… NOTHING.‘ Then again, can’t they ‘curl up super tight… or unfurl and stretch right out.’  Then, think about how they move, ‘quiet like a ninja‘ and thereafter how they’re the ‘master at hide-and-seek‘.
It seems as though Helen Hancocks‘ central character is consumed by the cat’s life. Thereafter, we journey from bedroom to carpet, living room to the outdoors alongside the obsession. What’s more, the coral and tropical tones and linear play of shapes fit perfectly with this theme. Then again, when we ‘see in the dark’ TA-DAH!‘ we’ve a contrast of peach against the blackout.
Is there anything that might deter this feline fancier? The food perhaps? Or might this lead to an awareness that cats don’t have to mind ‘table manners’? There must be something…
Like All the Cats there is such knowledge, respect and admiration. Then again, I Really Want to Be a Cat is coursed with humour. Frequently as we read this book we laugh out loud. Cat owners especially will recognise their pets in this picture book. Bookwagon loves and recommends I Really Want to Be a Cat. 


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