I Really Want to Win


It might be running. I’ve trained hard and have the strength and stamina. ‘I Really Want to Win’. Maybe it will be tug of war. Check out my strength! I can leap and twirl, so maybe I will win with my dance routine. Or even the spelling bee…. ‘I Really Want to Win.

Drive, determination and desperation- ‘Collecting prizes, medals, bling/ and lifting trophies is my thing./ To be the best means everything.’ Or does it?

Charming rhyme, and winning pictures endear us to the plight of our heroine. We want her to win, we realise the moral of the story, we empathise, yet appreciate her rival too. (Is she a rival, really?) The message is not heavily laden and the story, the exertion demonstrated in the pictures, the innocence and fun in the rhyming storytelling are rich and enjoyable. Bookwagon is delighted to welcome this superb picture book aboard!


I Really Want to Win

Simon Philip and Lucia Gaggiotti

(Templar Books)

‘Today is Sports Day. I can’t wait!… because I’m going to win. I’ve trained, I’ve speed, I’ve determination and ‘I Really Want to Win‘. Will it happen? The tug of war? A spelling bee? Maybe a dance routine? There has to be something for,  ‘I Really Want to Win’! 


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