I Saw a Bee


The world outside offers unparalleled opportunity for discovery. So, what happens when we hear, I saw a bee. What would you do? Would you explore further? Maybe you’d hide? Or possibly you’d try to catch the bee.

We see the boy look inside the box, yet what is this box? Thereafter we see the bee too! What will the bee do? Where will it go? What might the boy do should the bee hide?

Rob Ramsden leads us and the boy through the garden beyond the box to discover the bee. Outside of the box is a vast world ripe for real exploration. Therefore, where might we find the bee?

With gentle, progressive text that matches the images almost Playschool-like, we track the discovery of boy, bee and nature. What a delightful picture book of bright colours, clear sequence and such a rich invitation. I Saw a Bee. 


I Saw a Bee

Rob Ramsden

(Scallywag Press)

What happens after I Saw a Bee? Might it be that the bee sees you too? Why was the bee inside the box? Could it be that when you try to catch the bee, it takes fright? Then, maybe you decide to hide. Possibly the bee hides too. Where might a bee go to hide? Furthermore, are there any other insect friends within the garden? They may not be the bee, yet they might be silent and allow you to listen for….
If you ‘follow the sound‘ what might you discover? Where is the bee? What is its world like? We have an opportunity to discover, similar to our experience of reading The Weaver. While we’re following the story, we are making other discoveries and forming further questions about the world around the characters, through the gentle inclusions and suggestions. This is clever storytelling! It is ripe for expanding upon and enjoying again and again.
With steady sequence, repetition and anticipation, Rob Ramsden builds delight and discovery into his charming picture book. We love the simple, progressive text, within bright, delighted colours of a flowering wilderness. I Saw a Bee is a treasure.


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