I Swapped My Brother on the Internet


One day Jonny stumbles upon an ideal solution for getting rid of his annoying older brother Ted. He could by swap him for a better brother! Alternative brothers are available on the Internet through SiblingSwap.com, a mysterious but intriguing web site.  After Jonny takes the plunge, plunge, Ted disappears . When Jonny is sent a series of bizarre and increasingly unsuitable alternatives, Ted begins not to look reasonable after all.  Is there any way that Jonny can recover Ted?

Jo Simmons has created a very funny and thought-provoking story in ‘I Swapped My Brother on the Internet‘. It rattles along apace and is populated with vivid and appealing characters. The lively illustrations by Nathan Reed just add to the charm of this super story.



I Swapped My Brother on the Internet

Jo Simmons


Jonny is really fed up with his annoying older brother Ted. Then he finds SiblingSwap.com on the internet.  Could his dream of having a better brother come true?  When Ted disappears, Jonny gets sent an increasingly bizarre series of replacements. Suddenly Ted doesn’t seem so bad after all.! ‘I Swapped My Brother on the Internet‘ is a very funny, inventive wish-fulfilment-goes-badly-wrong story.


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